The Keen Fashion Sense Of Malia Obama

Posted in Fashion
on January 16, 2015
Oh to be 16 again! Do you remember what it was like to have your first real crush? I remember seeing my crushes in the lunch room and always hiding or going the other way. I can remember talking on the phone all night long, running up my mother’s phone bill, and hanging out with my older sister Krystal…those were the days!
But I’m here to talk about 16-year-old Malia Obama and her keen fashion sense! I mean, it’s sooooo cute, right! I’ve been seeing pictures of her lately and she always looks so well put together. She really has great fashion sense at a young age. Her mother, First Lady Michelle, is also quite fashionable, and can always be spotted looking effortlessly regal in classic dresses and gowns. Malia appears to be a normal teenager that likes to have fun, and that’s awesome under the circumstances….seeing that her dad is the The President of The United States and all. From my observations, she has a casual chic style that is very age appropriate. On special occasions she goes for classic looks that are very feminine and accessible to girls her age.

Check out these really cute pictures of The First Family. I think she’s a great role model for young teenage girls!



 Let me know if you like Malia’s style in the comments below! What’s your favorite look?


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