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Be Open + Strategic + Resourceful

Posted in Inspiration
on January 30, 2017

January has been a long month for me and it’s still not over! Firstly, I decided to stop talking on the phone altogether unless it was business related. Drastic? Maybe so for some, but I’ve read in several books that truly successful people don’t talk on the phone much. Unless you’re negotiating business deals or working, I don’t see the reason to fill your time with empty conversations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against all conversations, only the unproductive ones.

When I do speak, I want it to mean something. Talking on the phone can also open the door to gossip and I simply don’t want to participate. I can honestly say that January has been a positive and productive month. Here are some of the things that helped me along the way.

Be Open, Be Strategic, Be Resourceful

Imagine someone taking you to a room filled with 100 people and telling you that you couldn’t leave without giving them $100 dollars. You were also advised that you couldn’t use any of your own money. What would you do?

Would you ask every person in the room for a dollar? Maybe you’d ask one person for the entire $100 dollars. Or maybe you’d ask two people for $50 dollars, or maybe four people for $25 dollars. The possibilities and combinations are endless!

In the same way, there are many ways to accomplish a goal. Don’t be so quick to give up after the 1st or even the 50th “no.” Fortune favors the bold and one “yes,” could change your life! Think critically and know there is always someone who needs your talent or product. You just have to find them. Be open, strategic and resourceful.

Inspirational Teaching

I listen to inspirational teaching every single day. When I don’t, I can feel myself becoming more pessimistic in my outlook and view. I know these are tough times but the only way to empower yourself is to keep your mind in a positive space.

Your energy should be used wisely and there are some issues that after you’re finished being mad and pulling out your hair, will still be waiting on you. Be smart about what you look at on television or what you listen to. Be careful where you invest your energy.

Say It Loud

I had my children to write out an “I Am,” list and put them up in their rooms. They recite this list before they go to school each day. These don’t have to be attributes that they currently possess, but traits they aspire to have or believe about themselves. You believe your voice more than anyone else’s, so why not tell yourself good things like:

  • I am Talented
  • I am Capable
  • I am Creative
  • I Am Beautiful
  • I Am Intelligent

Say this list out loud each day and I promise that you will feel your spirit lift. Although simple, if you’re consistent with it, you’ll start to believe what you say about yourself and who knows what wonderful things could occur as a result.

Get Active + Exercise

There’s no denying that exercise makes me feel more focused and clear minded. Exercise fights depression, anxiety and lethargy among other things. You don’t have to do anything too vigorous, start small and work your way up. The key is to develop good habits, so even when you feel like giving up, you decide to go for a walk any way. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do.

This month has been amazing and I’m  thankful for it.  But it didn’t happen by itself, I had to create an environment that was conducive to my growth and goals.

I’ve learned to stop doing what doesn’t work and try a new way. Taking on this attitude has allowed me to find new copywriting clients and just feel good about myself as a whole. I don’t want to disrespect the gift of time by squandering it on things that don’t matter. Take those things that matter most and make them a priority.


I wish you much joy, productivity and success in all your endeavors!