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Seasoned Steak Hash & Eggs

Posted in Food
on November 4, 2015


Yesterday, Chris and I were out and visited a Turkish market. We looked around at all the interesting foods and were taken in by the scent fresh bread baking right in the store. I had to grabbed some bread and also the Turkish equivalent of a Twinkie. Haha! Before we left, we visited the back of the shop and they were cutting up fresh steak and lamb. The meat looked delicious, so we got some of that too.

I was thinking of ways to incorporate steak into my breakfast this morning and thought about combining it with some delicious hash with an over easy egg on top. My husband thought it was delicious and I really enjoyed it too! This recipe is a little bit more hearty than your average breakfast fare and it’s really satisfying. Check out the recipe below and let me know if you ever add anything to your hash to spice it up!


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