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Life Is Still Beautiful

Posted in Life
on January 11, 2015


If you haven’t noticed, the site has gotten refreshed! I really love the new design and I look forward to growing with it. I’ve been fiddling with it since before Christmas and I believe that I’m on to something!

It’s January and everyone has aspirations for being better and I’m so excited for all of you! Any reason to celebrate, smile, laugh and grow…I’m all for it! In this post, I decided to share what’s been on my mind lately. You know you care….here it goes.

Your Thoughts Guide Your Life

Think on things that empower you, that make you feel good about yourself and who you are. At the end of the day whether people love or hate you, it’s your thoughts that will determine how far you will get in this life. You have the ability to train your brain to think the way you want it to. The Bible is a manual that teaches us how to think, because if we’re thinking right, then more than likely our actions will be right as well.

You Will Make Mistakes

Apologize if you’re wrong, try to make amends if possible. Some people don’t think their wrong about anything. Those people are toxic and delusional. It also limits that person’s growth because being able to consider that you could have done better, or handled something better shows that you are open to correction. And correction is the only way that we get better.

Reserve Your Front Row Seats

There is power in telling your story, but only tell it if and when you are ready. Every person who smiles, does not deserve a front row seat in your life. Watch people’s actions and ignore their words. Actions tell the story that they may be unwilling to tell.

Life Is Still Beautiful

No matter how big or threatening your struggles may seem, there is still a place of peace inside of you. Guard it at all cost. It is available to you at anytime, just think back to a memory where you laughed until your sides hurt or a time when you were brave and unwavering. I don’t care if you’ve become everything you’ve always wanted or not, this journey of life is still beautiful!