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Summertime Fine!

Posted in Fashion
on June 19, 2014



Hi Ladies!!

It’s finally hot enough outside to justify showing some skin! (Like we need a reason) It’s time to get “Summertime Fine!”

Do you remember what it was like as a teenager in summer and your friends cousin came to stay for the summer? Do you remember how fine he was? LOL!! Summertime Fine!

Ok….back to the task at hand…aren’t these outfits adorable?

Outfit #1 is for when you want to look sexy in an effortless print romper. One piece outfits are great for the summer because you just slip it on and you’re done! Breathable fabric with a mixture of blues and light greens combine to make a playful and chic look.

The Madewell Hepcat Shades are one of my favorites because they have a classic retro look for a reasonable price.

The Apt 48 Clutch is made of raffia and is an awesome textural contrast to the rest of the ensemble.

ASOS’ Faith Gladiator Sandals are great flats with lots of interest that can be worn with a variety of day and night looks.

Outfit #2 is for when you really want to look relaxed but still cute of course! Jessica Simpson’s Gold Pink Aviators are super-cute with their pink tint…… and aviators look good on everyone!

This season you should really check out Old Navy’s tee shirt collection, they look high-end without the price tag!

I love J.Crew and these shorts are perfect for summer. Prints in a fun color is always a win!

Do you like sneakers? Well I do, and these Chuck Taylor’s match the look and overall feel of this outfit with a soothing mint color!

Tell me, would you wear either of these outfits? Which is your favorite?

Have fun this summer and remember to wear things that make you feel alive and beautiful!