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Compliments Build Great Relationships

Posted in Inspiration, Life
on February 18, 2015


Romantic young African American couple sitting arm in arm enjoying glasses of white wine and smiling lovingly into each others eyes, close up view

Relationships are about loving each other every single day. It takes you being completely present and staying in tune with your partners wants and needs to make it work. It’s the constant assurance that you give your partner that is going to be the deciding factor of how happy your relationship will be. All too often, after we’ve been in a relationship for a while, we forget what it took for us to get into their heart. We used to never miss a chance to give them a compliment and now it’s time to revisit that again.

Compliments feed our need to be approved and loved by whom we’ve chosen to spend our time with. It’s amazing how a genuine compliment at the beginning of your day, stays with you all day long! It makes you smile more and be more tolerant towards others in general. Love just puts you in a good mood! My favorite compliment that Chris gives me is  “Baby, you smell so good.” For some reason, I just love that. We’re all different, so different things make us feel good. I surveyed some men and women and asked them “What’s your favorite compliment?” I have compiled all the answers below. You’re welcome.


“I love it when he tells me, he doesn’t know what he’d do without me.” -Michelle IG: da_simple_things 

“Do you know how amazing you are? That one always makes me smile.” -TiTi @PrettiGrl18

“I love your style, it’s all you.” -Shayla @rhemshot

“He says his favorite moment is every morning kissing my beautiful face as I sleep.”-Kawana IG: ms_kae31

“I like what you wrote or you’re so smart.” -Briana @brianaford

“I love your laugh.” -Makeba @MELISAsource


“You look handsome.”-Lamar @LkGibbs20

“Wow, you’re very insightful.” -Rudo @EXEdon

“I love it when she says, you’re so smart. I think she means it, either way, I soak it up. lol!” -Abijah IG: @ilivefortheweekend 

-“I just love watching you sleep.”-James IG: almonte41

Some may believe that women gravitate towards compliments that are more aesthetic in nature, but compliments aren’t a copy and paste deal. They are very much dependent on the type of personality you are dealing with. Some may believe that men would only want compliments on their achievements but these answers reveal the contrary.

To know what will really makes your partners heart sing, you have to know what they value. For everyone it’s something different.  There are some fail-safe compliments like “you look beautiful or handsome.” Most people will appreciate someone thinking they are attractive. If you really want to blow their mind you should find out something that’s important to them and give a sincere compliment on that. Also off the beaten path compliments like “you’ve got the cutest nose, I love your curly hair and you have pretty feet,”are winners. These compliments show that you’re paying attention and that’s when a compliment has its greatest impact.

Let me know what your favorite compliments are to get from your honey in the comments below!


7 Signs That He Really Likes You

Posted in Life
on January 26, 2015

Untitled design-6Everyone wants to be loved. Mostly everyone wants to find someone that they connect with on a deeper level. Relationships allow us to expose the vulnerabilities that we don’t want the world to see, they strengthen and encourage us to keep going when we are discouraged. Everyone wants someone to share inside jokes with, to be able to give them a look and they know exactly what you’re thinking. It can sometimes be difficult to decipher whether someone is really into you. Check out this list to see if your guy friend really likes you!

1. He introduces you to the people closest to him. It’s no secret that men love to show you off  to their friends, so if you’ve met the people that are closest to him, chances are that he’s digging you!

2. Sacrifice. When he cancels plans to spend time with you, or doesn’t take that job offer in another state in order to stay close to you, he sees you in his future.

3. He calls/contacts you frequently. If a man likes you, he wants to hear your voice or he sends texts throughout the day to let you know that you’re on his mind. I know that people can be busy, but even if he’s the CEO of the universe, he will still make time for you.

4. Compliments You. He compliments you sincerely. He never misses a chance to tell you how pretty and cool you are. If they are sincere, compliments mean that he admires you.

5. He’s Intrigued. He ask about where you like to go and wants to know all about your memorable life experiences. He’s studying you so that he can do things that will make you like him more.

6. He wants to impress you. If a man likes you, he will go out of his way for you. If that means picking up your favorite flowers from a quaint town outside the city, he’ll do it if he’s really into you!

7. Physical Contact. He will put his hand on your arm or leg, play in your hair… he’ll make up ways so he can be close to you.

The beginning of relationships are so magical, aren’t they? There’s nothing like those butterflies in your stomach and that smile every time you see their name flash across your phone screen. If you have some additional ways that guys let girls know they’re into them, let me know. Or if this list has been helpful to you, share it with your friends!