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10 Charming Fall Decoration Ideas From Expert Crafters

Posted in Crafts, DIY
on October 22, 2016


Felt & Pinecone Owl Ornament from

It’s time to cozy up with some hot cocoa and dust off those Uggz because it’s fall! It’s my favorite time of year. I actually say the same thing whenever spring and summer comes around too. Ha! I try to embrace each season because there’s no reason not to, right?  Fall really is special though, it’s the season of my wedding anniversary, son’s birthday, husband’s birthday and even my birthday! It’s a busy but welcomed time of year in our home. I also like to get crafty and create all sorts of fall inspired décor and accessories. My favorite project so far has been the cool pumpkin carvings my whole family does around this time.

I wanted to share a few fall diy’s that I think may inspire you to get out your glue guns and have some fun! These crafts range from beginner to intermediate, so there’s bound to be one that you’ll really enjoy.


Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth gives plastic pumpkins a chic makeover with her DIY Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkins. This is a great beginner craft that utilizes dazzling gold sequins to breathe new life into these plain white pumpkins! These would look perfect on your porch or as design accents throughout your home.

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