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Keep Your Promises To Yourself

Posted in Inspiration
on February 6, 2017

I have found that the promises that are the most important are the one’s we make to ourselves. I believe that you should keep your word to everyone, but most people tend to break their promises to themselves much easier than if someone else is involved. When we’re dealing with others there is a sense of true accountability and that is the same level of commitment we should have towards ourselves.

So many times I promised myself I would go to the gym more, or dress up more or read certain books. Then a series of events somehow throws my momentum off and I let that commitment to myself go. I think “hey, it’s just me, so no one will know.” But our minds are always keeping score. Self esteem and confidence are directly connected to our overall well-being and if we can’t be trusted to keep a promise to ourselves, what else can’t we be trusted with? Before you can move to the next level, you have to conquer the level before it….right?

These days I take the promises I make to myself much more seriously because I understand that life is not a dress rehearsal and no one becomes successful by accident. We must force accountability on ourselves if we ever plan to change. The only sustainable model for lasting change is to make our new habits apart of our daily lives.

How do you keep yourself accountable to yourself?