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Strawberry & Blueberry Fruit Pizza

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on November 16, 2015



I have been telling my children that we were going to be making a fruit pizza soon and yesterday we made a few! What I really like about this recipe is that your children can help assemble the pizza from start to finish! They had lots of fun rolling out the pizza “dough,” and getting their hands all dirty. I also really like the fruit dip that we used as the sauce! I mean, it is heavenly! I can eat that all by itself. I’m definitely going to use the same mixture when I make my banana pudding recipe. 

Fruit pizza gives the impression that this recipe may be healthy in some kind of way, but I don’t really think it is. haha! However, if you’re looking for a way to get your children to warm up to different fruits, this recipe is the perfect way to do it. This fruit pizza is totally customizable, so add your peaches, kiwis, raspberries or any other fruit that you love and enjoy. I picture this being a really cool sleepover activity, with a fruit bar for the kids to add any fruits they like to their pizza!

Do you enjoy making food with your kids? I do…..sometimes! lol!!!



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