Cleaning Tips For Your Closet!

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on May 1, 2015



It’s May 1st!!! Yayyy!! Time is rolling right along and before we know it, school will be out! Are you looking forward to it? I am, because I love when both my kids are together. At any rate, I’ve been cleaning out our master bedroom closet and realized that I may need to put some sort of system in place. When I wash and fold clothes, somehow they still end up jumbled up in the drawer so I decided to learn how to fold like I was a floor salesperson at Hollister. My husband nodded in approval as I studied the footage, I will share with you later on in this post. I really do love spring and here are some tips to make your cleaning adventures a little less action packed. My next post will follow up with pictures of how I organized our closet, so stay tuned!

1. Paint your closet if it needs it. A small bucket of white paint (or whatever airy color you want) goes a long way in making the space look open and inviting, like somewhere you’d actually want to hang out.

2. Buy nice hangers that are all the same. The colored plastic ones work in kids rooms (pink for Chloe, blue for Drew) but I think that wooden hangers look best in adult rooms. I’ve seen some cherry and light bamboo ones that are really cute!

3. Make your own cleaning solution. Use an empty spray bottle and add 1 & 1/2 cup of warm water, plus 3 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid and the essential oil of your choice. I use lavender because it’s my last name and I like the smell. Other great alternatives are orange and lemon essential oil. They both have very clean and fresh scents. Also, this solution is eco friendly and can be used anywhere around the house. I am using this solution to clean the baseboards in the closet or anywhere else that needs it.

4. Throw on some tunes! Nothing gets you motivated to work like your favorites songs. Since cleaning doesn’t require lots of concentration, music is the perfect antidote to make cleaning an enjoyable experience.

5. Light a clean smelling candle. Nothing inspires like inspiration. Even though that doesn’t make any sense, candles do make us feel better!

6. Buy things to organize your other things: A tie rack for your hubby, shoe rack or nice cubby for your shoes and a handbag rack if you have lots of bags.

7. Get all your stuff together. I think that having a bucket with your sponges, cleaning solution, duster, candle and anything else you need should be in one place so you don’t have to scramble around the house (or send your kids) to find everything.

Also here’s that folding video, I didn’t think that I would get it, but I actually did. I’m an A+ folder now! Do you have any tips for tackling cleaning projects. I’d love to hear from you!


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