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on April 6, 2016

5 Simple Ways To Make Your HomeBeautiful

Having a beautiful home is something that everyone takes pride in. We are tasked with creating an environment that is both comfortable and attractive. Some people think that having a nice home requires hiring an interior designer or enlisting the help of a family friend with good taste. While both of these choices are fine, there are a few things that you can do to make your home inviting all by yourself. Check out these super simple tips for a house that you’ll feel happy to come home to.

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Cleanliness: Before you start trying to design anything, your house needs to be clean. All carpets should be vacuumed and all wooden floors should be shined. A clean house just feels better than a messy one. When your space is crowded, it can cause feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. I don’t have a strategic way that I clean, so please don’t think that you have to be some rigid person to keep a clean house. Keeping list and agendas works for some and not for others.

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Candles: Light up candles, turn on ceiling fans and open the windows. This allows fresh air to circulate through the house as well as for the candle scent to permeate the air. Vanilla candles have a sweet and warm smell that is agreeable to most. I also love clean smelling candles like lemon or ocean breeze. Be sure to open windows when you’re burning a candle because the last thing you want is a strong smell that can cause headaches. Soy candles are a great choice if you want to stay away from chemicals. Another great tip is to put unlit candles in closets. ย Even unlit, their scent will gently perfume the air.


Entryway: First impressions are important, so wow your visitors and feel good about your space by decorating your entryway. A nice side table plus a large mirror immediately makes the space feel crisp and modern. Add your own flare to the side table by adding different colored vases, your favorite trinkets, lamps, woven baskets, nice books or a bouquet of flowers. Flowers always make a space feel cheerier. Don’t miss out on a chance to show your good taste, decorate that entryway! Don’t you just love this entryway from La Dolce Vita Interior Design blog?!



Throw Pillows & Throws: These are both relatively inexpensive items that you can pick up from almost anywhere. I like Target’s selection, because it tends to be more stylish. However, you can find great throw pillows and throws at a variety of price points. I love Etsy because I can find cute accessories that are unique. It doesn’t matter where your accessories come from, as long as they are high quality with great design! The girls over at Classy Clutter nail mixing patterns with this chic black and white striped throw and gold geometric patterned pillow!


Lighting: No one wants to live in a cave, unless you like that sort of thing. Make sure that there is adequate lighting in your home that is soft and warm. Joanna Goddard from A Cup Of Jo understands that lighting is an integral part of design. We want to be able to see all your lovely decor!

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Paint: I saved this one for last because it’s probably the most important. Countless studies have been conducted about how color effects our mood. That’s why choosing the right paint color will help you to make your home a place of solace and creativity. Seven months ago, my husband and I sold our house in Virginia. I honestly believe that changing the paint color of the living room and dining room drastically increased our home’s marketability. I chose a color from Benjamin Moore called seafoam green. We also got the fireplace surround painted white along with refreshing all the crown moldings. I looked up paint colors on Pinterest and saw the seafoam green and fell in love. Seeing how it looks in a room can help you make the right decision.

Do you have any tips on how to make your home more inviting and beautiful? I’d love to hear your suggestions!



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