Shedquarters: An Ideal Space For Working At Home

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on May 27, 2015



In my house there are two bonus rooms and I prefer the one upstairs because it’s well…..prettier. However, it’s on the same floor as all the bedrooms in the house. This means that even when I close the door, I can still hear Chloe and Drew playing, screaming, bickering and running up and down the stairs that run adjacent to the room. It also makes me feel guilty when I hear someone crying, so I immediately get up from my desk to see what has happened if the shrill merits it. This breaks my train of thought and momentum, although I usually recover pretty quickly. I shake my head and long for a place where there are beautiful pictures, fresh flowers, maybe even a couch and most importantly peace and quiet! So when I saw this article on “shedquarters,” my eyes brightened and I said “This is my answer!” I’ve been working from home for several years and I earnestly want one! Check out these super-cool tiny spaces that you can use for work, play, or just to escape for a while.



Modern Shed is a Seattle based company started by a husband and wife architect team. After the couple bought a 1940’s fixer upper, they realized that the space was entirely too small and lacked a basement, attic or garage. So they decided to build a shed in their backyard, but nothing like your grandpa’s old shed. They started creating modern spaces in 2005 that were aesthetically appealing and functional as a quick and comfortable getaway, office space or even an art studio.



Kanga Room sells prefabricated wood product kits that you can assemble yourself or their team will assemble them for you. They specialize in cabins, studios, children’s playrooms and sheds. They even build those tiny houses that there’s a tv show about. They offer financing and a variety of sizes to fit varying needs.



Platform 5 Architects is an award-winning architectural practice based in the UK. One of their most notable projects is called the “shoffice,”  (shed + office) which features a stunning space with a winding timber shell. It’s whimsical shape is playful and creative.  While I am featuring one of their smaller projects, they have a diverse portfolio in the residential, commercial, educational and cultural sectors.  What makes this firm a standout is that it’s run by a very young and progressive team. Although getting a space built by them would cost a pretty penny, isn’t it just marvelous to look at?

Do you wish you had a place to get away without actually having to travel? Would you consider getting a shedquarters built in your backyard?


  • Robin Rue

    It sounds like a fun idea. I work on my sofa next to the AC and I am pretty happy there for now πŸ™‚

  • Jeanine @

    This sounds amazing. I need one of these in my backyard! I would love this!

  • Rebecca Bryant

    These all look amazing. Not sure I get any work done with the views.

  • Jen V

    I have never heard of shedquarters before but they look pretty amazing. I would love to have one. Unfortunately our shed is filled with bikes and garden tools.

  • Lisa Nolan

    What a dream! I’ve always wanted a small space to use as an office or place to write! Alas, I need to sell a lot of anthologies! Great post! Loved it!

  • Wow, oh wow. I need shedquarters! While my toddler naps, I can chill in my shed. How cool is that? This is a great idea.

  • NutriFit Mama

    I would most definitely consider getting one built! We live on 2 acres and our HOW wouldn’t allow it. Part of the reason we have decided to sell- we hate living on all this land that we can’t really TRULY enjoy ourselves on!

  • I would so love to get one of these sheds but it would take up half of my tiny London garden. So perhaps for my next home. Just lovely!

  • Jahshari Wilson

    These look and sound so awesome, I would love to have one!

  • Having a nice little area like that would be sweet. I’m jealous of these awesome areas!

  • Heather

    I have seen a lot on this topic lately, very interesting!

  • RoseSiders

    I work from home and I would LOVE to have one of these spaces. I have a dedicated office right now but being inside the house is almost too distracting at times.

  • RoseSiders

    I have a tiny yard too Ursula! I would love to have a larger one with a nice airy shed with lots of windows. Maybe someday!

  • Tonya Blackstone-Coleman

    Wow, these are amazing. I too work from home and would LOVE to have my studio in one of these!

  • Saving Common Cents

    These “work” spaces are amazing. I would love to have a space of my own for work purposes. I have no doubt that I would get more done, efficiently and effectively!…After awhile of course. For a bit I’d just have to sit in there and enjoy the space. lol

  • Debbie Denny

    Oh I do love these sheds. Simply amazing designs.

  • Ave T

    Wow! So many creative places! I really like the “shoffice” – looks like a great place for working!

  • I would love to have my own building to work out of like that. What a cool way to get inspired!

  • not gonna say anything else other than I GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THESE!!!

  • MyKidsGuide

    oh my I so want these. I am not sure if I could work because the view will be stunning lol

  • Censie ‘Mumby’ Sawyer

    Wow. This would make me work harder for sure! lol

  • Fantastic! Bookmarking this post so I can look into these companies.

  • If only my backyard was big enough for one.

  • I definitely wouldn’t mind having my own backyard getaway/office.

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