Journey To A Better Me: Orange and Lemon Infused Water

Posted in Food
on March 14, 2015


Orange and lemon infused water is how I can  manage to get the stuff down. If you love water, you’re blessed and already have a leg up on life…lol!! Seriously, I really believe that water is somewhat of a panacea because once people start drinking more water and exercising, seems like things start to look up in life. Whether their trying to lose weight or if their just trying to increase their overall feeling of well-being, water does the trick. It’s flavorless to me and I’d love to tell you that I love it, but I don’t. However, it does make me feel better when I add various fruits to it.  Adding fruit elevates plain old H20 and gives me something pretty to look at. I’ve heard it said more than once that people eat (or drink) with their eyes first. I agree.

I’ve seen so many post where people add blackberries, blueberries, oranges, strawberries and the list goes on. There are some recipes where I’ve seen people adding Splenda, vanilla and mint leaves to give their fruit-infused water more of a kick. I decided to go with a combination of lemons and oranges and let it sit for a couple of hours and drink it out on our lovely deck. I created an experience around drinking my orange and lemon diffused water, and you should too!  It felt good to soak up some sunshine and give my body something that it needs. Fruit-infused water is helping me con myself into drinking water and enjoying it! As you know, water helps you to flush out toxins and creates crystal clear skin if you stay with it. The benefits of water definitely outweigh what it may lack in taste, so drink to your health and to your life!


Do you drink fruit infused water? What’s your favorite combination?


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