A Lesson In Class: Solange’s Rustic & Charming Wedding

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on November 17, 2014



Solange Knowles and long time boyfriend Allan Ferguson wed yesterday in New Orleans at the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans. Two hundred guest filled the rustic and charming concert hall which was originally a Holy Trinity Catholic Church.  The beaming couple rode vintage bicycles to the ceremony and the bride’s basket was filled with cream roses. No detail was left to chance.



Photo Credit: Rog Walker

Solange wore a cream pantsuit with cape and a deep plunging neckline. Her hair was in a glorious afro:  full, fluffy and gorgeous. A vibrant red lip was the perfect accent and she appeared happy and calm. The groom sported a matching white suit, looking quite dapper and distinguished. Solange’s wedding represents the sheer beauty of matrimony and also the beauty of learning to accept yourself for who you are. Solange has grown and carved out her own niche and style. I usually don’t cover celebrity news but I must tell you that her authenticity can be felt through her music, fashion and candid interviews. Her wedding was just a peek inside of who she is, and from that I can see, she’s gorgeous.  I’m sure that Allan is quite the catch himself.


What did you think of the wedding, let me know in the comments!



  • Jahshari Wilson

    Love the article! I agree, Solange and family looked regal in all white!

  • pinkpodster

    I like that they chose a wedding that suited them. I love her fro and hope mine will look the same soon! That cape is gorgeous! Very 70s throwback. I still prefer a wedding dress over a pantsuit. But I like that her choice represents her personal vibe.

  • @naturalsistagrl

    Solange has always been a free spirit…funny that I’m wearing my free spirit shirt as a type this 🙂 She and her family look absolutely stunning! Much love, happiness, and success to the two of them!

  • Emerald112

    Yes they did Jahshari! Thanks for coming by love! @jahshariwilson:disqus

  • Emerald112

    That’s exactly what I thought, Crystal. I wouldn’t have chosen a pantsuit myself, but I can definitely appreciate someone who embraces their authentic style!

  • Emerald112

    Oh, I know the shirt is too cute ladybug! 🙂 I wish them happiness as well. We need more of these classy weddings! 🙂 @naturalsistagrl:disqus

  • I know that I am joining the conversation late, but I actually think that everything about the wedding and the ceremony and her outfit are just simply fly as heck! Agree that she has been a free spirit and hope that she keeps that part about her always. I am not the starstruck type, but meeting her would be kinda cool! She actually does not live very far from me so maybe one day!!

  • Emerald112

    That would be awesome if you met her!!! What I really like about her is her authenticity. She seems like a kind of take-it-or-leave-it type of gal and I dig it. For her to be able to carve out her own niche next to her sister speaks volumes about her resilience and strength! She is the personification of fly. There’s nothing better than a person who truly accepts themselves. 🙂

  • MichelleAndrea

    I love that she was still traditional and wore white but did a pantsuit/jumpsuit instead of a gown or dress. Traditional yet modern!

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