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on October 21, 2015


I love Halloween, although I may be a little biased because it is my birthday! I can distinctly recall my brother, sister and I piling into my mother’s car and going on base to go trick or treating. It was a night that I had tons of fun but there was a little bit of mystery and wonder in the air. My favorite Halloween memory is when my mother took us all to a haunted house. My brother, sister and I were all in a group of maybe 15 or 20 others. As we passed through the different corridors within the house, we walked into a small room. It played out just like a horror movie. When the girl ahead of us tried to open the door, the door was locked. Everyone in the room became concerned as the small room filled with raised eyebrows and semi-scared chatter. Different people kept trying to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. More concern grew as the people starting to feel trapped in the small space. Out of the blue, a zombie man burst out of the ceiling! Everyone screamed their heads off and magically the door opened. Ahhh! Halloween memories. But this post is about cute pumpkins, so let’s get into it!

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? If I could, I would eat them everyday. Every time I sink my teeth into a doughnut, I ask the good Lord to bless whoever came up with concept. Studio DIY nails it with their take on the pumpkin doughnut. These babies look good enough to eat and are definitely a fun take on traditional pumpkin décor. (Pictured Above)


There’s something so amazing about things being bite-sized. We want bite-sized candy bars and we’ll take our pumpkins the same way. Petite white pumpkins adorned with gold glitter in polka dots and stripes are very chic and modern. The Nest  shows us that diy projects can look professional without having to be one.


Sweet Paul Magazine’s DIY Glitter Pumpkin uses a traditional orange and brown color scheme with gold accents. Although simple, these colors look amazing together!

Have you decorated your pumpkins for Halloween yet, or did you pick up some from your local market and sit them on your porch? Either way is fine, as long as you’re celebrating this fun holiday! I can’t wait to see my children all dressed up but I’m already devising a way to get rid of their candy.



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