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5 DIY Organic Products I Use Everyday

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on January 21, 2016


The more you can stay away from chemicals, the better. Sometimes my husband thinks I go a little overboard with trying to find things that are “all natural.” I don’t understand why people think that just because you put it in a pill bottle that it’s automatically legitimate. Many of the medicines that we take today were harvested from the plants and fruits that grow right out of the ground. I really enjoy using natural products that I can make because I don’t have to worry about what’s in them. Without further ado, here are 5 DIY Organic Products I Use Everyday!

1. All Natural Tooth Soap 

Tooth soap is actually my favorite on the list. It honestly cleans my teeth better than any toothpaste I’ve ever used! After I brush with tooth soap, I run my tongue over my teeth and they are smooth and clean. If you don’t mind a departure from the norm, tooth soap is an amazing way to brush your teeth. Tooth soap is made by combining 2 tablespoons of Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild, 8 tablespoons melted coconut oil, 4 tablespoons olive oil, 2 teaspoons water, 20 drops peppermint or cinnamon essential oil and 1 teaspoon stevia extract drops or 1 teaspoon  organic honey. Combine all ingredients into a soap pump and shake well. Use as you would normal toothpaste.

2. All Natural Tooth Brightening Scrub

No need to go spend a bunch of money on whitening strips, when you can make a tooth brightener at home for a quarter of the cost. Many of these items you already have lying around the house, so why not make use of them. You can make the tooth brightening scrub by combining 2 teaspoons of baking soda, 1 teaspoon unrefined sea salt, 1 teaspoon purified water and 1 drop spearmint or peppermint essential oil. Combine all ingredients into a clean container with a lid. I ordered some small white cosmetic containers from Amazon. Mix well and dip your toothbrush into the scrub and brush your teeth. 

3. Olive Oil For Oil Cleansing

Olive oil is not just great for cooking, it’s an amazing moisturizer and facial cleanser. Last year I was introduced to oil cleansing. I was confused by how putting oil on my face would actually balance my skin out and decrease lines. It actually works and I keep a container of olive oil in the shower. To oil cleanse, just take about 2 teaspoons of olive oil and rub it into your face for about 2 minutes. Make sure you really massage it in but be careful under your eyes, that’s the most delicate skin on your face. After you’ve massage the oil into your skin, take a clean washcloth and rinse with the warmest water that you can take, then ring out all the water. Take the cloth and clean the oil off of your face. Along with the oil, you will see the dirt come off your face as well. This is also great for an all natural way to take off your makeup!

4. Peppermint All Purpose Cleaner

I just did a post on all natural cleaning solutions. I was cleaning up and mixed these ingredients together and loved them. Use 1/4 cup Dr. Bronner’s  Baby Mild, 1 cup water and 20 drops of peppermint essential oil. Combine all ingredients into a spray bottle and use for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and even mopping your floors! This solution cleans amazingly well and leaves your house smelling minty fresh! Add any other essential oil you like to create a smell that you love. 

5. Fruity Infused Water

I really don’t like water. I mean, I really don’t like water. However, as an adult I’ve realized that it’s an essential part of living a decent life. (lol!) Water aids in speeding up our metabolism for weight loss, detoxifies the body, aids in digestion and even makes your skin clearer and look younger. Moisture does a body good! Adding mint and strawberries to my water makes it taste better and even feel a little fancy. There are all types of infuser bottles that you can buy that make it easy to drink your fruity water and tote it around with you all day long, or all night long! *cue Lionel Richie* Either way, drink up, buttercup!

There are my 5 DIY Organic Products That I Use Everyday! Hopefully you’ll find something that you want to try. I’d love for you to try them all because I can attest that each of them is effective!  I feel good when I know I’m using products that are good for me and my family.




Stand In Your Own Light

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on December 29, 2015
We live in a world that tells women to be self confident but if they acknowledge their own beauty, they’re viewed as conceited. We live in a world that tells us that education is imperative but if a person acknowledges their own intelligence, they’re viewed as a snob. We’re told to love and take care of ourselves is important but when we chose ourselves over others, we are called selfish. These double messages are confusing and we are left to wade through them, never knowing if we’re being perceived in just the “right,” way. It can really tax our mental and emotional health trying to keep up with what others think or say about us. I want to tell you not to care. In many ways that can be unrealistic, so I’m saying not to care to the point that it clouds your ability to discern. 
One of our basic human needs is to feel loved and accepted. However, this need doesn’t factor in if  people  may resent you for reasons that are beyond your control. Needing to feel accepted often clouds one’s ability to judge others true intentions. Everyone will not think that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and you have to be okay with that. It’s their loss, really.
Standing in your own light may cost you relationships. If you have been shy and unassuming and now you’re beginning to acknowledge and walk in your own brilliance, it may scare some away. People don’t like change. When you start altering their perception of who you are or what your potential is, they will often reject you. This is something you must be prepared for if you want to live up to your highest potential. We’re either going to go after our goals with reckless abandon or we’re going to choose a life that doesn’t offend anyone and doesn’t impact anyone. The dreams in your heart were put there for a reason. Be brave. Stand In Your Own Light. 

Pretty Pink Christmas Gift Tags

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on December 17, 2015



Ok, so I’m in an ultra generous mood! I wanted to give you all some Pretty Pink Christmas Gift Tags! I have been wrapping presents with my husband and said, “I forgot the gift tags.” What I’ve done in the past is cut pieces of wrapping paper and use them as gift tags. As long as you have a printer, you don’t have to fall victim to my same Christmas!

Two of my favorite colors are pink and red. The bubblegum pink truly compliments the rich red color! These tags are feminine and girly with a dose of Christmas cheer! No need to keep you any longer, click here to print out your Free Pretty Pink Christmas Gift Tags!

Happy Holidays  & Thank You So Much For Reading My Blog!


Christmas Matching Game Printable!

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on December 16, 2015



My family just simply loves to play games! We have so many board games and it’s sometimes the most simple things that allow us to genuinely connect with each other. I love memory games because it’s a great way to keep your mind sharp, so you’re not second guessing yourself all the time. My kids love them too!  Well, my kids love any game where there is a chance they may win! I decided to create a cute little matching game printable to keep the kids busy or something that you all can do together!  

Just the other day, I went on Pinterest and printed out a few games that I thought were really awesome and I decided to pay it forward and put together a simple game for my wonderful readers! I hope you are enjoying this holiday season and spending time with the people who matter the most!

Directions: Print out the sheet and cut out each Christmas image and turn face down and mix them up! Use heavier paper if you want to store them for another day. A fun way to add a little more excitement is to give each player only 10 seconds to guess! 

Click here to get your Free Christmas Matching Game Printable! Here’s a Bonus One to make the game a little longer!

Strawberry & Blueberry Fruit Pizza

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on November 16, 2015



I have been telling my children that we were going to be making a fruit pizza soon and yesterday we made a few! What I really like about this recipe is that your children can help assemble the pizza from start to finish! They had lots of fun rolling out the pizza “dough,” and getting their hands all dirty. I also really like the fruit dip that we used as the sauce! I mean, it is heavenly! I can eat that all by itself. I’m definitely going to use the same mixture when I make my banana pudding recipe. 

Fruit pizza gives the impression that this recipe may be healthy in some kind of way, but I don’t really think it is. haha! However, if you’re looking for a way to get your children to warm up to different fruits, this recipe is the perfect way to do it. This fruit pizza is totally customizable, so add your peaches, kiwis, raspberries or any other fruit that you love and enjoy. I picture this being a really cool sleepover activity, with a fruit bar for the kids to add any fruits they like to their pizza!

Do you enjoy making food with your kids? I do…..sometimes! lol!!!



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