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Playful Patterns & Bold Colors in Stacey Blake’s North Carolina Home

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on January 16, 2017

Stacey Ann Blake didn’t know that becoming a stay at home parent to her two young boys would provide the time needed to discover her new design talent. A talent that has landed her in the esteemed pages of Better Homes and Gardens, Simple Spaces and featured on popular blogs like Design Sponge and The Jungalow. It almost seems unimaginable that a woman so talented didn’t know all along.

Her breathtaking Fayetteville, North Carolina home is what designer’s dreams are made of.  A mixture of bold hues like magenta and orange are grounded by rich earthy greens. Eclectic textures and patterns stitch both modern and bohemian styles together seamlessly. Stacey is a gift to the design community and an inspiration for a North Carolina girl like me. Her blog, Design Addict Mom, highlights her thoughts on developing design trends, creative roundups and of course her own amazing living space. Here are a few of my favorites.

This lively chair is the star of the show, displaying its vivid pink color mixed with a striped pattern. The cowhide rug is also a major focal point, creating an unexpected twist in this beautiful living area.

Soft blue wall color acts as the perfect backdrop for bold punches of pink and orange. Intricate patterns from the pillows, rugs and sofa combine for a gorgeous ensemble of color.

This Mid-Century-Modern style chair is a welcomed introduction of deeper color in this space. Various pinks and greens gently cascade down the patterned leaf wallpaper, creating a calming effect.

Oh, to be a kid again! Pictured here are Stacey’s two handsome sons in their magical playroom. A whimsically colored blackboard design creates a sense of wonderment and a myriad of patterns and shapes make this the ultimate fun land!

Photography by: Lea Hartman

Want more of Stacey’s interior amazingness? Read her latest musings at Design Addict Mom and follow her on Twitter and Instagram!


Pretty Pink Christmas Gift Tags

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on December 17, 2015



Ok, so I’m in an ultra generous mood! I wanted to give you all some Pretty Pink Christmas Gift Tags! I have been wrapping presents with my husband and said, “I forgot the gift tags.” What I’ve done in the past is cut pieces of wrapping paper and use them as gift tags. As long as you have a printer, you don’t have to fall victim to my same Christmas!

Two of my favorite colors are pink and red. The bubblegum pink truly compliments the rich red color! These tags are feminine and girly with a dose of Christmas cheer! No need to keep you any longer, click here to print out your Free Pretty Pink Christmas Gift Tags!

Happy Holidays  & Thank You So Much For Reading My Blog!


Christmas Gift Ideas For The Stylish Lady

Posted in Fashion, Home, Interior Design
on December 14, 2015



With less than 2 weeks left until Christmas, you may be scrambling to find just the right gift for the stylish lady on your list! There’s nothing like a gift that’s thoughtful and is something that you would love to receive yourself. So I corralled 4 different gifts that I believe will make your wife, girlfriend, best friend or lady friend smile. I mean who doesn’t like nice stuff? Combining these together is sure to get you extra brownie points! 🙂 Ok, here are my picks in no particular order!

Birchbox-January-2015-670x483Your stylish friend will absolutely love her Birchbox subscription! Who wouldn’t appreciate having amazing beauty products delivered to their door? Most ladies I know love to get mail and when it has anything to do with looking good, that’s icing on the cake! 

71pCNDUiQoL._SL1500_The Naked 3 makeup palette features 12 shades of pigmented, quality eyeshadows. This palette took the place of all of my other small ones because there is such a wide variety of colors from pale pink to sultry dark browns. It’s got everything!


Victorias-Secret-2014-Beauty-Rush-Shiny-Kiss-Flavored-Gloss-Gift-SetWell I’m pretty much a lip gloss fanatic, so for me this is a no-brainer. The Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Shiny Lip Gloss Set has the consistency of a great lip gloss with added color. I don’t wear lipstick, so this is perfect for me. The shades are neutral, pretty and will compliment a variety of skin tones.



Kate-Spade-New-York-Daycation-Lacey-Wallet-1I couldn’t ever do a round up without some type of wallet or handbag because I just love them! This black and white floral Kate Spade wallet is absolutely gorgeous and displays a lovely pattern that is a departure from solid colors. Of course any vibrant color or pattern will do!

I hope you like my picks, let me know which one you wouldn’t mind Santa putting under your Christmas tree! LOL!!! 

Imagination Unleashed: Creative Kids Bedrooms You’ll Love!

Posted in Home, Interior Design
on August 18, 2015




Decorating my children’s rooms has always been something that I enjoy doing. It seems like their bedrooms are a little more creative and a lot more fun! Kids are the only ones that can sleep in beds shaped like castles, cars and boats and it’s completely acceptable. There’s so much freedom in that and I love it! Check out these super creative kids rooms that will make you long for younger years.


Check out Imagination Unleashed: Creative Kids Bedrooms You’ll Love!

by Emerald @ Pink Balloons For Lunch at Mode

Shedquarters: An Ideal Space For Working At Home

Posted in Home, Inspiration, Interior Design
on May 27, 2015



In my house there are two bonus rooms and I prefer the one upstairs because it’s well…..prettier. However, it’s on the same floor as all the bedrooms in the house. This means that even when I close the door, I can still hear Chloe and Drew playing, screaming, bickering and running up and down the stairs that run adjacent to the room. It also makes me feel guilty when I hear someone crying, so I immediately get up from my desk to see what has happened if the shrill merits it. This breaks my train of thought and momentum, although I usually recover pretty quickly. I shake my head and long for a place where there are beautiful pictures, fresh flowers, maybe even a couch and most importantly peace and quiet! So when I saw this article on “shedquarters,” my eyes brightened and I said “This is my answer!” I’ve been working from home for several years and I earnestly want one! Check out these super-cool tiny spaces that you can use for work, play, or just to escape for a while.



Modern Shed is a Seattle based company started by a husband and wife architect team. After the couple bought a 1940’s fixer upper, they realized that the space was entirely too small and lacked a basement, attic or garage. So they decided to build a shed in their backyard, but nothing like your grandpa’s old shed. They started creating modern spaces in 2005 that were aesthetically appealing and functional as a quick and comfortable getaway, office space or even an art studio.



Kanga Room sells prefabricated wood product kits that you can assemble yourself or their team will assemble them for you. They specialize in cabins, studios, children’s playrooms and sheds. They even build those tiny houses that there’s a tv show about. They offer financing and a variety of sizes to fit varying needs.



Platform 5 Architects is an award-winning architectural practice based in the UK. One of their most notable projects is called the “shoffice,”  (shed + office) which features a stunning space with a winding timber shell. It’s whimsical shape is playful and creative.  While I am featuring one of their smaller projects, they have a diverse portfolio in the residential, commercial, educational and cultural sectors.  What makes this firm a standout is that it’s run by a very young and progressive team. Although getting a space built by them would cost a pretty penny, isn’t it just marvelous to look at?

Do you wish you had a place to get away without actually having to travel? Would you consider getting a shedquarters built in your backyard?