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dressing up to feel fabulous!

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on May 10, 2016
Everyday I walk my daughter to school and I also walk to get her in the evening. Well, I drive on rainy days or if I’m short on time because her school is very close. Whenever I walk, I see other parents, many around my same age or older, walking their children to school as well. Most people wear very relaxed clothes. It’s not uncommon to see mom’s in jeans and a loose tee shirt, jogging pants or even gym clothes and shades….can’t forget the shades. I’m the queen of comfortable, from clothing to shoes, opting for a nice wedge or flat vs. a stiletto heel. However, I didn’t want to fall into the deception that stylish equals uncomfortable. It’s simply not true. A long flowy dress is probably one of the most comfortable things to wear. You just slip it over your head and you’re good to go!
I work from home and I noticed that I was wearing jogging pants all the time or even jeans and a tee shirt. Don’t get me wrong, jeans and a tee shirt can be dressed up, but I’m not talking about when you add a statement necklace, bracelets and cute shoes. I’m talking about the jeans you always wear with one of your regular ole tee shirts. So I got to thinking about how I want to feel when I’m out and how much better my day goes when I put a little extra effort into the way I look. It’s almost like dressing well creates a confidence force field around you, making you walk taller and smile more! I decided to dress up a few more days in the week. Wouldn’t you know that people actually respond to you differently when you’re dressed nicer? Studies have shown that people view others who dress well as more successful.
Recently, I did a photoshoot and it was so fun to dress up and have my makeup done by a professional makeup artist. Years ago, I wouldn’t have even thought to hire anyone, I would have just did my own makeup and hoped it looked ok. I actually think it’s a great idea to do a photoshoot every once in a while. Sometimes we forget how special and beautiful we are and there’s nothing like tangible proof to give you a boost of confidence on your down days. Although you may get a few looks because you don’t have on the regular “mom uniform,” atlleast it’s something that you can feel good about. And you don’t need a reason to look nice.
Loving and valuing yourself is something that you don’t want lose sight of. Yes, you are a mother and yes you are a wife…..but you’re also YOU! I’m not going to wait for a special occasion to look nice. Everyday we’re alive is a cause to celebrate and be thankful. Please don’t think I’m going to be walking around in ball gowns to Chloe’s school, but I am going to try a little harder and be more cognizant of how I’m presenting myself
What things have you found give you a boost of confidence?
Chat soon!

Beauty Products That I’d Love To Try!

Posted in Beauty, Home
on May 2, 2016

5 BeautyProductsThat I'd Love To Try

I’m an observative person and I usually don’t make purchases until I’ve had some time to weigh if it’s something that I really need and if it will benefit me or end up under my vanity collecting dust. So I’ve been browsing these internet highways and I’ve found some products that excite me and make me want to try them. I always have a short list running in my head, in case I’m out and spot them at Ulta or Sephora. I wonder if I’m the only careful purchaser. I wouldn’t say I was frugal, because I don’t mind paying for products that live up to their promises. Without further ado, let’s get into these beauty products that I can’t wait to try!


Honest Beauty: So Jessica Alba expanded the Honest brand to add an eco-friendly beauty line called Honest Beauty. You can buy individual products to clean and moisturize skin or try an array of makeup foundations, mascaras, blushes and lipsticks. I like that it’s also a subscription box, so you can have it delivered to your door every month and I love getting mail! (Who doesn’t) There’s a foundation color for diverse skin tones and that’s something else that scored points in my book. I’m all about products that are great for the environment and my health, so this product line is definitely attractive to me. You can also check out my Cherry Lip Scrub if you are looking for an all natural way to exfoliate and moisturize your lips. If I try any Honest Beauty products, I’ll be sure to update you with the deets!


Glossier: Firstly, I absolutely love the branding of Glossier. That alone has prompted me to visit the website a few times and look around. It’s a very youthful and fresh vibe. There are two products that I’m particularly keen on trying from the names and marketing alone. These are the Milky Jelly Cleanser and Coconut Balmdotcom. The Milky Jelly Cleanser can be used on dry or wet skin. It’s said to dissolve makeup or can be the beginning of your skincare routine. Kudos to the marketing folks because “milky jelly,” really pulled me in. The power of words, eh? Also the Coconut Balm is a universal skin salve that can be used anywhere on the body. The description says it “smells like the best parts of summer.” Again, amazing marketing that is pulling my millennial dollars out of my pocket.

So tell me, do you stalk products before buying? What really makes you attracted to a brand? For me it’s the product name, description and of course packaging.

Chat soon!



super cute donut printables

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on April 18, 2016

donuts new frame

Hi Everyone! I hope you are well! I’m glad it’s finally starting to warm up around my way. The weather here has been much cooler than usual for spring and it’s been putting a damper on my springtime mood. However, I would like  to share a little sunshine with you today! Who wants donuts? I know I do! Every time I eat a donut, I say a prayer of thankfulness to myself because they’re just like little bites of heaven. Today I wanted to gift my lovely readers with 2 Free Donut Printables for you to use any way you like! I just love a great art print and pictures of donuts make us all smile on the inside. These would look great framed in a wall collage, at your studio, or keeping you company at your desk. You’d be surprised how small changes like putting up fun and colorful pictures can really change the mood of a space.

donut love frame

I hope you are enjoying this day and all the wonderful sunshine. Enjoy your Free Printables and Tweet me when you do put them up. I’d love to see how you style them!

Life Is Short, Eat More Donuts

Donut Love

simple ways to beautify your home

Posted in Home
on April 6, 2016

5 Simple Ways To Make Your HomeBeautiful

Having a beautiful home is something that everyone takes pride in. We are tasked with creating an environment that is both comfortable and attractive. Some people think that having a nice home requires hiring an interior designer or enlisting the help of a family friend with good taste. While both of these choices are fine, there are a few things that you can do to make your home inviting all by yourself. Check out these super simple tips for a house that you’ll feel happy to come home to.

Untitled design-3

Cleanliness: Before you start trying to design anything, your house needs to be clean. All carpets should be vacuumed and all wooden floors should be shined. A clean house just feels better than a messy one. When your space is crowded, it can cause feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. I don’t have a strategic way that I clean, so please don’t think that you have to be some rigid person to keep a clean house. Keeping list and agendas works for some and not for others.

Untitled design-4

Candles: Light up candles, turn on ceiling fans and open the windows. This allows fresh air to circulate through the house as well as for the candle scent to permeate the air. Vanilla candles have a sweet and warm smell that is agreeable to most. I also love clean smelling candles like lemon or ocean breeze. Be sure to open windows when you’re burning a candle because the last thing you want is a strong smell that can cause headaches. Soy candles are a great choice if you want to stay away from chemicals. Another great tip is to put unlit candles in closets.  Even unlit, their scent will gently perfume the air.


Entryway: First impressions are important, so wow your visitors and feel good about your space by decorating your entryway. A nice side table plus a large mirror immediately makes the space feel crisp and modern. Add your own flare to the side table by adding different colored vases, your favorite trinkets, lamps, woven baskets, nice books or a bouquet of flowers. Flowers always make a space feel cheerier. Don’t miss out on a chance to show your good taste, decorate that entryway! Don’t you just love this entryway from La Dolce Vita Interior Design blog?!



Throw Pillows & Throws: These are both relatively inexpensive items that you can pick up from almost anywhere. I like Target’s selection, because it tends to be more stylish. However, you can find great throw pillows and throws at a variety of price points. I love Etsy because I can find cute accessories that are unique. It doesn’t matter where your accessories come from, as long as they are high quality with great design! The girls over at Classy Clutter nail mixing patterns with this chic black and white striped throw and gold geometric patterned pillow!


Lighting: No one wants to live in a cave, unless you like that sort of thing. Make sure that there is adequate lighting in your home that is soft and warm. Joanna Goddard from A Cup Of Jo understands that lighting is an integral part of design. We want to be able to see all your lovely decor!

Untitled design-5

Paint: I saved this one for last because it’s probably the most important. Countless studies have been conducted about how color effects our mood. That’s why choosing the right paint color will help you to make your home a place of solace and creativity. Seven months ago, my husband and I sold our house in Virginia. I honestly believe that changing the paint color of the living room and dining room drastically increased our home’s marketability. I chose a color from Benjamin Moore called seafoam green. We also got the fireplace surround painted white along with refreshing all the crown moldings. I looked up paint colors on Pinterest and saw the seafoam green and fell in love. Seeing how it looks in a room can help you make the right decision.

Do you have any tips on how to make your home more inviting and beautiful? I’d love to hear your suggestions!



Delightful Cherry Lip Scrub Recipe

Posted in DIY, Home
on April 4, 2016

Lipgloss has a special place in my heart. When I was in the 7th grade, my friends and I used to compete with all the lipglosses we could get our hands on. Pineapple, strawberry and apple — we were entranced by their flavors and the glosss made our lips pretty and shiny. I specifically remember a good friend of mine having a large tin that had about 7 fruity lip glosses embedded in it. I remember thinking, “this is so amazing.” Now that I’m grown, I still keep my eyes peeled for that tin, but I haven’t found it yet. This affinity continued on into college, where I had a desk that I kept my lip gloss collection on that would sometimes reach 20. I also had an extensive belt collection. Even now, when I go to Target or CVS, picking up a lipgloss is a knee-jerk reaction along with picking up a home/decor magazine to read.

 This Cherry Lip Scrub is the pre treatment before you apply your lip gloss. There’s nothing worse than putting gloss over lips that are cracked and rough. Also, this is a fun activity to do with your little girl, so she’ll know how to make lip scrub herself. My daughter Chloe loves lip gloss just like I do. She always has her eyes on whatever new lip glosses I buy. She keeps a couple in her desk at school. Check out this yummy Cherry Lip Scrub to get kissably soft lips that will make your lipgloss or lipstick look flawless!
1.   In a small mixing bowl, mix the almond oil and sugar together until well blended.
2.   Add the cherry juice, extract and Vitamin E oil (optional) and stir well.
3.   Transfer to an airtight container(s) and store up to one month.HOW TO USE
1.  Wet lips and generously and apply cherry lip scrub.
2.   Gently scrub in a circular motion. The sugar exfoliates and the almond oil moisturizes.
3.   Rinse with warm water (or you may be tempted to just lick the scrub off…it’s that good!)
4.   Pat dry with a towel.
5.   Apply your favorite lip balm.
Cherry Lip Scrub 1
1.   In a small mixing bowl, mix 1 tablespoon almond oil, 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of sugar together until well blended.
2.   Add the 2 teaspoons cherry juice, 1 teaspoon extract and 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil (optional) and stir well.
3.   Transfer to an airtight container(s) and store up to one month. This recipe makes about 3 small lip gloss containers.
1.  Wet lips and generously and apply cherry lip scrub.
2.   Gently scrub in a circular motion. The sugar exfoliates and the almond oil moisturizes.
3.   Rinse with warm water (or you may be tempted to just lick the scrub off…it’s that good!)
4.   Pat dry with a towel.
5.   Apply your favorite lip balm.

How often do you exfoliate your lips? What products do you use?