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Get Into It: Pineapple Themed Accessories

Posted in Fashion, Inspiration
on July 15, 2016



I know I’m not alone in my affinity for pineapples. Everywhere I look there’s pineapple shorts, shirts, bracelets and leggings. The list goes on and on. It’s not hard to understand why folks love pineapples so much, seeing as they have cool spiky green tops with bright yellow (and yummy) fruit inside. When it comes to cute fruits, pineapples are right there at the top of the list. There’s even a pineapple quote on Pinterest that I really love.” Be a Pineapple: Stand Tall Wear A Crown and Be Sweet On The Inside.” Those are great words to live by and without further ado, here are my top pineapple picks!


This Tassel Pineapple Bracelet from Etsy Shop Hello Love Kalia features colorful pastel and tan beads accompanied by a mint green fluffy tassel and the cutest pineapple charm. You can customize it by adding your name. These bracelets are made for kids but I don’t see why I can’t wear one too! I think I’ll get one for Chloe and I! How adorable, right?!


You need somewhere to put your lipgloss, phone and credit cards and this Pineapple Print Clutch answers the call.  A delightful pink pineapple graphic helps you channel your laid back beach style whether you’re near or far. Super cute!

This Geometric Pineapple Watercolor Painting would look amazing anywhere you want to inject a little bit of color and personality. Art prints are a cost effective way to bring your space together and show your artsy side!

Talbots scores big with this Pineapple Charm Belt that elevates a plain tee shirt and jeans to a chic ensemble. What’s not to love above that gold pineapple charm that adds effortless elegance?

J.Crew has always known how to strike the perfect balance between comfy and chic and this Ratti Pineapple Mini Skirt is no exception. Dark blue is the backdrop for these dainty pineapples to dance on. This skirt can be dressed up or down depending on how you’re feeling.


Get into it.

But only if you’re not already into it.

In that case, carry on.

Do you already own pineapple themed clothing or jewelry? I’d love to hear about it. Drop your comments below!

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Stylish Lady

Posted in Fashion, Home, Interior Design
on December 14, 2015



With less than 2 weeks left until Christmas, you may be scrambling to find just the right gift for the stylish lady on your list! There’s nothing like a gift that’s thoughtful and is something that you would love to receive yourself. So I corralled 4 different gifts that I believe will make your wife, girlfriend, best friend or lady friend smile. I mean who doesn’t like nice stuff? Combining these together is sure to get you extra brownie points! 🙂 Ok, here are my picks in no particular order!

Birchbox-January-2015-670x483Your stylish friend will absolutely love her Birchbox subscription! Who wouldn’t appreciate having amazing beauty products delivered to their door? Most ladies I know love to get mail and when it has anything to do with looking good, that’s icing on the cake! 

71pCNDUiQoL._SL1500_The Naked 3 makeup palette features 12 shades of pigmented, quality eyeshadows. This palette took the place of all of my other small ones because there is such a wide variety of colors from pale pink to sultry dark browns. It’s got everything!


Victorias-Secret-2014-Beauty-Rush-Shiny-Kiss-Flavored-Gloss-Gift-SetWell I’m pretty much a lip gloss fanatic, so for me this is a no-brainer. The Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Shiny Lip Gloss Set has the consistency of a great lip gloss with added color. I don’t wear lipstick, so this is perfect for me. The shades are neutral, pretty and will compliment a variety of skin tones.



Kate-Spade-New-York-Daycation-Lacey-Wallet-1I couldn’t ever do a round up without some type of wallet or handbag because I just love them! This black and white floral Kate Spade wallet is absolutely gorgeous and displays a lovely pattern that is a departure from solid colors. Of course any vibrant color or pattern will do!

I hope you like my picks, let me know which one you wouldn’t mind Santa putting under your Christmas tree! LOL!!! 

Reasons To Twirl: Flirty Summer Dresses!

Posted in Fashion, Home
on June 8, 2015



One of my favorite things about being a girl is dresses! There isn’t a more effortless way to look feminine and attractive! There are a  variety of cuts to flatter a myriad of shapes and sizes. In short, dresses make you feel beautiful and people that feel beautiful often twirl! You should try it the next time you have on a long, flowy dress! On a day where you’re not feeling the best, reach in your closet and grab the dress that flatters you the most for an instant pick-me-up! Check out my picks and let me know which one you like the best!


Check out Reasons to Twirl: Flirty Summer Dresses

by Emerald/ Pink Balloons For Lunch at Mode

The Keen Fashion Sense Of Malia Obama

Posted in Fashion
on January 16, 2015
Oh to be 16 again! Do you remember what it was like to have your first real crush? I remember seeing my crushes in the lunch room and always hiding or going the other way. I can remember talking on the phone all night long, running up my mother’s phone bill, and hanging out with my older sister Krystal…those were the days!
But I’m here to talk about 16-year-old Malia Obama and her keen fashion sense! I mean, it’s sooooo cute, right! I’ve been seeing pictures of her lately and she always looks so well put together. She really has great fashion sense at a young age. Her mother, First Lady Michelle, is also quite fashionable, and can always be spotted looking effortlessly regal in classic dresses and gowns. Malia appears to be a normal teenager that likes to have fun, and that’s awesome under the circumstances….seeing that her dad is the The President of The United States and all. From my observations, she has a casual chic style that is very age appropriate. On special occasions she goes for classic looks that are very feminine and accessible to girls her age.

Check out these really cute pictures of The First Family. I think she’s a great role model for young teenage girls!



 Let me know if you like Malia’s style in the comments below! What’s your favorite look?