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Holiday Gift Ideas From Talented Makers

Posted in Beauty, Crafts
on November 23, 2016



With the holiday season steadily approaching, I wanted to provide a little inspiration for your shopping list. Many times we rush out to big box retailers without a second thought to how if we plan a little further in advance, we can buy amazing gifts and support small businesses as well. When you shop small you help boost the economy and encourage makers to continue on creating and producing thoughtfully crafted products. Each of these products is made with loving hands and an open heart.

Rondra of Embellished By Design creates personalized tees for the little people in your life. Her “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause,” tee is an adorable and festive top that can be paired with jeans or a cute skirt and leggings. The sizes range from newborn to 7.  Your daughter, granddaughter, niece or any little girl you know that’s atleast 1 part sassy will shine in this charming little shirt!

Erin Whitlock of Celise Designs creates mugs, totes and art prints with loads of style. Her sassy #Werk Coffee Mug makes a great stocking stuffer that will look chic whether it’s being occupied by a hot beverage or not. These are also a great option for styling photos too! The coffee and tea drinkers in your life will thank you for adding a little motivation to their everyday routines.

Silvia Torres is the owner of Mala Flats. I’m a flats girl and I always opt for comfort over all. I also understand how hard it is to find flats that are comfortable, high quality and at a great price point. Handcrafted in Leon, Mexico, these shoes utilize the finest leather to provide chic comfort.

Mei Pak is the founder of Tiny Hands Food Jewelry. I saw her Instagram feed and immediately fell in love with all the bite sized jewelry treats! I love food. I’m actually one of those people who looks at the videos of people preparing tiny food, it’s fascinating to me!  A necklace with a waffle, pancake or slice of pie as a charm is just my taste. You honestly won’t believe how real and detailed her food jewelry looks!

Dawn Fitch is the creator of Pooka, an all natural bath and body collection designed to give your hair and skin the yummy nourishment it deserves! I can personally attest the smell of the Fresh Sugah Whipped Cream! You will smell heavenly and your skin will feel amazingly moisturized all day. You won’t need perfume. Chris actually commented on how good I smelled after putting this on! The whole line is wonderful but the Fresh Sugah is definitely my favorite!

These are just a few of the small businesses that I will be shopping at this holiday season! As a rule of thumb, I only buy people gifts that I wouldn’t mind receiving. Make sure you take the time to shop thoughtfully, so you won’t be caught up in the last minute Christmas rush. Thank you for visiting and Happy Shopping!



DIY Lavender Ombre Dresser

Posted in Crafts, DIY
on October 25, 2016

dresser112Hey everyone! I pray all is well with you. Today I’m sharing a DIY that I did for my daughter. We are always looking for ways to introduce this light purple hue into our surroundings. I asked her what theme she wanted for her room this year and she said purple. Now I’m on the lookout for a lavender canopy and assorted room accessories.

I was really shocked to see how easy it was to create this ombre dresser. I immediately started thinking about the things around my house that could use a nice refreshing paint job. ha! The low cost of the project makes it an excellent choice for a budget diy. I hadn’t ever used chalk paint before but I painted my fair share of bedrooms with interior paint in our last home. Contrary to interior paint, chalk paint has virtuallly no smell and dries fast and smooth. Without further ado, I’m going to share how I changed my daughter’s plain white dresser into something dainty, stylish and fun. Here we go!

What you’ll need:

8 oz of lilac or lavender colored chalk paint.

8 oz of white chalk paint

3 paint brushes

crystal nobs (optional)


disposable bowls that equal how many drawers you have

super glue

chopsticks (something to stir the paint)



  1. Get out your 3 disposable bowls. In the first bowl, pour 2 ounces of your lavender chalk paint and set aside.(This is your darkest color)
  2. In your second bowl, pour 2 more ounces of lavender colored chalk paint, plus 1 ounce of white chalk paint and mix well. Set aside.
  3. In your third bowl, pour 2 ounces of lavender chalk paint and 2 ounces of white chalk paint and mix well.
  4. Add more white paint to lighten the color or lavender paint to darken it, mix and adjust colors to your liking.
  5. Take out each drawer and place them on a drop cloth.
  6. Paint your dresser drawers with each bowl of paint. I went from lightest to darkest.
  7. Let the paint dry for atleast 4 hours.
  8. Use a ruler and pencil to mark precisely where you would like your knobs to go.
  9. Apply a small amount of super glue to the back of each knob and press for 5 seconds on your marked location.
  10. Let the knobs dry for an hour and then place your drawers back in from lightest to darkest.






10 Charming Fall Decoration Ideas From Expert Crafters

Posted in Crafts, DIY
on October 22, 2016


Felt & Pinecone Owl Ornament from

It’s time to cozy up with some hot cocoa and dust off those Uggz because it’s fall! It’s my favorite time of year. I actually say the same thing whenever spring and summer comes around too. Ha! I try to embrace each season because there’s no reason not to, right?  Fall really is special though, it’s the season of my wedding anniversary, son’s birthday, husband’s birthday and even my birthday! It’s a busy but welcomed time of year in our home. I also like to get crafty and create all sorts of fall inspired décor and accessories. My favorite project so far has been the cool pumpkin carvings my whole family does around this time.

I wanted to share a few fall diy’s that I think may inspire you to get out your glue guns and have some fun! These crafts range from beginner to intermediate, so there’s bound to be one that you’ll really enjoy.


Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth gives plastic pumpkins a chic makeover with her DIY Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkins. This is a great beginner craft that utilizes dazzling gold sequins to breathe new life into these plain white pumpkins! These would look perfect on your porch or as design accents throughout your home.

Want to see more crafts that’ll help you show off your decorative chops?

Check out the rest of this amazing roundup over at The Life Storage Blog!