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Easy & Elegant High Bun Tutorial

Posted in Beauty
on November 19, 2014



Hi Everyone! I am super excited to bring you this tutorial! As a woman, one of our greatest sources of frustration is our hair. That’s why I created this high bun tutorial so that you can have a classy and elegant hairstyle without all the fuss. This bun tutorial is super-easy and doesn’t require that you know a lot about doing hair. At any rate, let’s get into it!

Photo Credit: Chris Lavender (thank you baby!)

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Bobby pins, hair gel (or whatever you use to hold your in place), spray bottle filled with water, elastic hair holder, boar bristle brush, chignon hair donut ring and hair extensions if you’re not using your real hair.

Step 1: Use a boar bristle brush to gather your hair at the top of your head. I take my index finger and place it in the middle of my ear and run it up to the top of my head to get a good placement for my ponytail. Use a spray bottle of water to make your hair slightly damp, then place a quarter size amount of gel into your hands and rub together. Apply the gel to your edges and the nape of your hair and continue to brush upwards to get the hair smooth. Use the elastic hair holder to make a ponytail on top of your head. If you’re using extensions, this is when you will attach them to your hair. To save time, I used a drawstring ponytail, so I wouldn’t have to worry about wrapping the extensions.

Step 2: Brush your ponytail out and hold it in your hands, slide the chignon donut up your hair.

Step 3: Pull the chignon to all the way to the base of your hair.

Step 4: Wrap your hair around the chignon, while using bobby pins to secure the hair in place. Wrap until you run out of hair.

Step 5: You’re all done and ready to hit the town or any holiday shindig with a hair style that uses minimum effort but has maximum impact!

I just love high buns! They are a no fuss hair style that looks elegant and a little sassy! Hoop earring look great with this style; I wore my rose gold hoops!

Do you worry about your hair during the holidays, or do you have a fail-safe hairstyle that you always run to? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below and I promise to talk back with you!



5 Fabulous Lipsticks For Fall

Posted in Beauty
on October 27, 2014


Have you noticed that chill in the air? Have you been donning an extra layer for warmth? Are the leaves of the trees that you pass on your daily commute starting to change? That’s right, fall has fallen or it’s about to! With the change in temperature, and the extra layers of clothing, comes darker, browner and more subtle lipstick colors too! Here are a few fall colors for you to look at. Of course we want you to stay on trend and in style this season and we’ve put together a lipstick guide especially for you.

1. Get Berry Colored Lips with MAC’s “Yield to Love.”

2. To achieve a nude pout we recommend “Rouge Coco Shine in Time” by Chanel

3. Rimmel London has a great dark red called “Diva Red” in their Moisture Renew Lipstick line.

4. Add a pop of color to your favorite outfit and keep your lips peachy with Estee Lauder’s “Eccentric”

5. Wear some brown with Dior’s Rouge Dior Baume in “Escapade”

Which pout are you going for?


Michelle Ford is a freelance writer with a special interest in fashion, architecture and interior design. She is currently obtaining her Master’s of Architecture degree at The University of South Florida. Originally from  Guyana, you can find her musings at With Love From Guyana.