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What Are You Thinking About?

Posted in Inspiration
on February 27, 2017

Some believe that people are being facetious when they tell them to “think positive.” It’s been said a million times but we often struggle with it all the same. Somehow, we believe that by factoring every possible outcome of a situation that we are being a “realist,” or protecting ourselves, but quite the opposite is true. Thinking positive not only makes us more pleasant to be around, it physically changes our brains.  Thoughts are physical things that occupy mental real estate. Thinking negatively is akin to spreading an infection throughout your brain.

I don’t often talk about the books I’m reading on my blog unless I feel they are worth mentioning.

Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book “Switch on Your Brain,” is an enlightening read. She’s a cognitive neuroscientist with over 30 years’ experience studying and researching the mind and brain connection.

-Although technical in nature, Dr. Leaf writes about the brain’s ability to change in a relatable way.

-She teaches exactly how to alter traumatic or bad memories by implementing a 5-step process.

– Explains at length how much how we think not only affects our lives but alters our physical brain and thinking processes.

-When you’re stressed, your brain shuts down several parts and only activates the part that it needs to protect itself. There’s no way you’re producing your best work when you’re stressed because you don’t have access to all the parts of your brain.

Whereas scientist believed in the past that we were all born with a set level of intelligence and skill, neuroplasticity proves that a person can become more intelligent and overcome weaknesses through consistently being positive in their thoughts and actions. Many of the sicknesses we face are because of stress. Stress weakens our immune system and makes it harder to fight off diseases.

So, the next time someone tells you “think positive,” remember that good things really do happen when we consider the good in our lives.


Pretty Indoor Plants That Purify The Air

Posted in Home, Inspiration
on February 20, 2017

Hello Glow

I’ve been seeing so many beautiful homes that incorporate plants as accessories. In all the living spaces, they injected an undeniable fresh and organic vibe. No matter what the style and decor of your home is, plants can only make it better. What I found most intriguing about them was that many plants can clean the air in your home. Since we spend most of our time inside, indoor plants can end up contributing to our overall well-being.

I have seasonal allergies and think that indoor plants could help in some way.  Also, if you or your child suffer with asthma, it couldn’t hurt to invest in air cleansing plants that could possibly eliminate airborne triggers. Check out these plants that perform double duty by beautifying your home and purifying the air.

                                                                                                                  Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants love light, so place them somewhere they’ll receive all the sun love they crave. Aloe Vera plants remove both formaldehyde and benzene from the air. These toxic chemicals are common in many household cleaners. The Aloe Vera plant  also produces a thick liquid that is excellent for healing cuts and burns.


Gerber Daisy

This Gerber Daisy is vibrantly colored and loves sunlight. It removes trichloroethylene, which is a commonly used chemical at the dry cleaners. If aesthetics is what you’re after, this daisy answers the call with its wide leaves and bursting blossoms.



                                                                                                                Bamboo/Reed Palm

Bamboo Palm

The Bamboo Palm grows 5 to 7 feet tall and loves humidity and indirect sunlight. This plant removes benzene and trichloroethylene and is native to Mexico and Central America.

Photo: Martin Olsson Snake Plant

Snake Plant

With its wavy and sharp leaves stretching towards the ceiling, the Snake Plant thrives in low light and humidity. What I found the most interesting about the Snake Plant is it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night. This makes it a great plant for your bedroom to get some night time fresh air.


These colorful flowers are amazing for brightening up the decor in any room. Its gorgeous petals flower beautifully and filter out benzene. These colorful plants flourish in direct sunlight and come in every color except for blue, so you’re sure to find one to match your surrounding decor.


Do you have any indoor plants? Have you experienced any positive results with them?


DIY Beauty Recipes Too Easy Not To Try!

Posted in DIY
on February 13, 2017

I’ve always been into organic and mostly natural products.  When my husband and I were first married, he used to look at me funny when I insisted that I could make my own cleaner with water, essential oil and a little dish soap.  He’s more of a believer now, but it’s taken some time. I wanted to share a few beauty diy’s that will keep you looking fresh faced and youthful! Let’s get into it!

Jeni & Teri over at Spoon Fork Bacon deliver the ultimate homemade balm with their DIY Lip Gloss. The moisturizing cocktail of avocado oil, shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil will have your lips feeling and looking perfectly kissable. Head over to their blog to get the deets!

Here at Pink Balloons For Lunch, I created this great smelling  Cherry Lip Scrub to pair with your lip gloss. A great exfoliator makes your lip gloss look that much better when applied. Honey and cherry combine to make a scrub that is definitely sweet enough to eat, although I wouldn’t advise it.

My very talented copywriter friend Vanessa bought me the Hello Glow book as a gift this past Christmas. I was so excited to receive it because it has so many amazing diy’s.  It’s chock full of organic recipes that address all your beauty concerns. This Vitamin C Cranberry Face Mask will leave your skin feeling moisturized and toned. Fresh cranberries, organic maple syrup and yogurt are all you need to make this creamy and indulgent face mask.

Kristin over at Live Simply combines ultra moisturizing aloe vera, honey and olive oil for her Homemade Honey & Aloe Facial Cleanser. She says to leave the cleanser on for a minute to allow your skin to absorb all the goodness!

This Whipped Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub from Kaylee at The Kitchen McCabe has all organic ingredients like grapefruit juice, coconut oil and white sugar for a refreshing scrub that’s sure to awaken your senses! I love grapefruit, so this is no-brainer for me.

Do you have any diy’s that you use consistently? I’d love to hear from you. I know that I can’t live without my olive and coconut oil because they can be used for everything from cooking to beauty!



Keep Your Promises To Yourself

Posted in Inspiration
on February 6, 2017

I have found that the promises that are the most important are the one’s we make to ourselves. I believe that you should keep your word to everyone, but most people tend to break their promises to themselves much easier than if someone else is involved. When we’re dealing with others there is a sense of true accountability and that is the same level of commitment we should have towards ourselves.

So many times I promised myself I would go to the gym more, or dress up more or read certain books. Then a series of events somehow throws my momentum off and I let that commitment to myself go. I think “hey, it’s just me, so no one will know.” But our minds are always keeping score. Self esteem and confidence are directly connected to our overall well-being and if we can’t be trusted to keep a promise to ourselves, what else can’t we be trusted with? Before you can move to the next level, you have to conquer the level before it….right?

These days I take the promises I make to myself much more seriously because I understand that life is not a dress rehearsal and no one becomes successful by accident. We must force accountability on ourselves if we ever plan to change. The only sustainable model for lasting change is to make our new habits apart of our daily lives.

How do you keep yourself accountable to yourself?


Be Open + Strategic + Resourceful

Posted in Inspiration
on January 30, 2017

January has been a long month for me and it’s still not over! Firstly, I decided to stop talking on the phone altogether unless it was business related. Drastic? Maybe so for some, but I’ve read in several books that truly successful people don’t talk on the phone much. Unless you’re negotiating business deals or working, I don’t see the reason to fill your time with empty conversations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against all conversations, only the unproductive ones.

When I do speak, I want it to mean something. Talking on the phone can also open the door to gossip and I simply don’t want to participate. I can honestly say that January has been a positive and productive month. Here are some of the things that helped me along the way.

Be Open, Be Strategic, Be Resourceful

Imagine someone taking you to a room filled with 100 people and telling you that you couldn’t leave without giving them $100 dollars. You were also advised that you couldn’t use any of your own money. What would you do?

Would you ask every person in the room for a dollar? Maybe you’d ask one person for the entire $100 dollars. Or maybe you’d ask two people for $50 dollars, or maybe four people for $25 dollars. The possibilities and combinations are endless!

In the same way, there are many ways to accomplish a goal. Don’t be so quick to give up after the 1st or even the 50th “no.” Fortune favors the bold and one “yes,” could change your life! Think critically and know there is always someone who needs your talent or product. You just have to find them. Be open, strategic and resourceful.

Inspirational Teaching

I listen to inspirational teaching every single day. When I don’t, I can feel myself becoming more pessimistic in my outlook and view. I know these are tough times but the only way to empower yourself is to keep your mind in a positive space.

Your energy should be used wisely and there are some issues that after you’re finished being mad and pulling out your hair, will still be waiting on you. Be smart about what you look at on television or what you listen to. Be careful where you invest your energy.

Say It Loud

I had my children to write out an “I Am,” list and put them up in their rooms. They recite this list before they go to school each day. These don’t have to be attributes that they currently possess, but traits they aspire to have or believe about themselves. You believe your voice more than anyone else’s, so why not tell yourself good things like:

  • I am Talented
  • I am Capable
  • I am Creative
  • I Am Beautiful
  • I Am Intelligent

Say this list out loud each day and I promise that you will feel your spirit lift. Although simple, if you’re consistent with it, you’ll start to believe what you say about yourself and who knows what wonderful things could occur as a result.

Get Active + Exercise

There’s no denying that exercise makes me feel more focused and clear minded. Exercise fights depression, anxiety and lethargy among other things. You don’t have to do anything too vigorous, start small and work your way up. The key is to develop good habits, so even when you feel like giving up, you decide to go for a walk any way. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do.

This month has been amazing and I’m  thankful for it.  But it didn’t happen by itself, I had to create an environment that was conducive to my growth and goals.

I’ve learned to stop doing what doesn’t work and try a new way. Taking on this attitude has allowed me to find new copywriting clients and just feel good about myself as a whole. I don’t want to disrespect the gift of time by squandering it on things that don’t matter. Take those things that matter most and make them a priority.


I wish you much joy, productivity and success in all your endeavors!