All Natural Household Cleaning Recipes

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on January 12, 2016


Cleaning up is something that we all must do but many of the products you buy from the store can be harmful to you and your family’s health. There have been times when I was cleaning my bathroom and my husband would come in and say, “You need to open a window, these fumes are too strong.” Since I was in the mist of it all, it was hard for me to gauge just how strong the chemicals had gotten.

I do believe that constant exposure to harmful chemicals could result in health problems later on down the road, so I’m sharing these  DIY cleaners, so you can just grab an old spray bottle and rustle up your own concoction. It’s also great to know these recipes because you never know when you may run out of the other stuff and not feel like going to the grocery store. I’m a big fan of citrus because not only does it smell good but it destroy germs naturally. I will say that there are some jobs that I do break out the bleach for, but for everyday cleaning and maintenance these recipes are great!

Lemon & Orange Natural Cleaning Spray


Glass or Plastic Spray Bottle

1/4 cup Distilled White Vinegar

20 drops Lemon Essential Oil

10 drops Orange Essential Oil

2 cups water

Directions: Add all ingredients to your spray bottle and shake well. It’s great on your kitchen counters, appliances and even for windows. The vinegar smell will completely disappear once it dries.

Homemade Clementine Cleaner


Glass or Plastic Spray Bottle

Clementine or any other orange peels

A mason jar with lid.

1-2  cups Distilled White Vinegar

1 cup water


 Directions: Collect all the orange peels in your mason jar until it’s halfway filled up. (This may take some time unless you eat lots of oranges) Pour your vinegar over the peels and place lid on tightly. Let the mixture sit for 2 weeks. (tick tock) After a few weeks, strain the peels from the cleaning solution and add to your spray bottle. You can dilute this solution with water. A 1 to 1 ratio should be fine.

Happy Cleaning!


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