5 Ways Busy Mom’s Can Passively Lose Weight

Posted in Beauty
on March 1, 2015


There’s no mistaking that having kids can take a toll on our body.The way our bodies look can drastically effect our self-esteem and have us telling ourselves that we will be happy once we lose “x” amount of pounds in the sweet by and bye. To put off your happiness until you reach a certain goal is unfair to yourself. What about all the things you can celebrate about yourself today? No matter what size you are, loving the skin you’re in is the first step to getting back on track. However, I do understand that when we look good, we feel good! So here’s some tips that will have you well on your way to losing a few of those l-b’s without having to break much of a sweat. Some tips may take a little discipline, but they are totally doable!

1. Stop eating eating after 7pm. My husband has woke up in the middle of the night to see me eating full course meals at 12 am. When he did wake up, I felt  horrible and caught…lol!!! I felt caught because I knew that I shouldn’t be eating that late and if I did, it should be something light like a piece of fruit. Every time I resist the urge to eat late, I can see the difference on the scale.
2. Make dinner your lightest meal of the day. Now, I’m not saying that you have to eat a bowl of fruit cocktail for dinner. What I am saying is that you should really examine your portions on that last meal of the day. That’s what packs on the l-b’s because you end up laying down after consuming all those calories.
3. Replace your regular beverage with cold H20.The cold water forces your body to heat up and burn more calories! This is especially hard for me because I literally love juice. There’s nothing like a cup of delicious fruit punch with a meal. Sodas and juices have calories and sugar that really add up over time. Eliminating or at least cutting down on the consumption of sugary beverages will help you lose weight gradually.
4. Drink Green Tea. Green tea is so delicious to me. There are some recipes where orange juice helps sweeten the deal to make it a really tasty drink. Green tea boost metabolism, which helps you lose weight faster. Try the recipe first before you say you don’t like green tea.
5. Suck In Your Stomach. I know that I naturally do this whenever I’m taking a picture but I’m talking about sucking in your stomach when you’re watching tv, taking a walk or whenever. I once met a really fit mom when I was in Japan and asked what her secret was. She said “I always suck my stomach in.” She looked fantastic and had 4 kids! Sucking in your tummy burns calories and helps develop your ab muscles.
I’m sharing this list with you because I also have to motivate myself to do these things and writing them down helps a lot. Plus, I feel like a hypocrite if I don’t follow the advice I give y’all up here. Let me know if you know of any other ways to lose weight with minimal effort. I don’t want to discount the value of a sweaty 45 minute workout because I do those sometimes, but this is a great way to give you a small boost on your weight loss journey.

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