5 Super-Cute Planners For Keeping Organized

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on February 26, 2015



Planners are like the new thing now! I mean, being organized has never been so pretty and chic! Even though I’m a writer, I can’t say that I am most organized person. There is so much creativity in just waiting until inspiration hits, but I have children, a husband and a house to manage…….so I have to be organized to a certain extent just to survive. One thing that I’m really excited about is that planners are like a handbag or some other must-have accessory! I appreciate the influx of fashionable planners because it makes it pretty to get organized. For me, it’s kind of like when I put all kinds of fruit in my water to jazz it up. Oh it’s still water, but the attractiveness of the citrus and berries floating throughout the glass pitcher somehow elevates plain old H20. Look, I’m trying to get myself together! I’ve been perusing these internet sidewalks and I’ve seen a few that I think are pretty.

This Lily Pulitzer Planner is patterned with the coolest flamingos you’ve ever seen! I just love the contrast between the various reds and pinks against the aqua background!

The Sugar Paper 2015 Planner is simplicity personified. I just love the gold typography on the front. This planner just looks like you’re ready to tackle your to-do list in style..lol!

For a step on the abstract side, Johnathon Adler’s planner is psychedelic and fun! Bold blue pinwheels with purple centers give your eyes a whimsical treat!

Here’s another Sugar Paper Planner but in pink. If the simple brown one isn’t for you, consider this option for a vibrant splash of color!

If you have a few more coins to spend, this Kate Spade “Throw Caution To The Wind,” Planner is set on a gorgeous teal background with gold cursive lettering.  Throwing caution to the wind is the exact opposite of planning every hour of your day out to the minute, so I’m unsure how these two connect, but it sure is cah-ute!!!!!

Do you use a planner for your everyday activities or do you just wing it? If you’re a planner maybe you can give me some tips!


  • Jahshari Wilson

    Planner one, two, and four are so super cute!!! I think I need to get on board with a planner as well, because my organization skills are not really up to par, lol.

  • Emerald

    Me and you both! LOL!!! @jahshariwilson:disqus

  • These are all so cute. I looked for Sugar Paper in Target and they were really picked over. The Kate Spade one is pretty too.

  • Emerald

    Oh no! The Kate Spade one is very pretty, she also has some really cute journals too @staciesayzso:disqus

  • These are really cute! and I’m in love with #5. I try to depend on my iPhone to keep organized but, I always find writing things down works best.

  • Emerald

    Yes, writing things down somehow cements things in our mind. Thank you so much for dropping by! xx! @71atechef:disqus

  • Holly

    I really like planners. Even though putting stuff in your phone is the thing to do, I still like to write things down.

  • Emerald

    Me too Holly! 🙂 @disqus_2FdrayI8FY:disqus

  • I love planners and like some of the other ladies mentioned even though I add stuff in my iPhone it’s nothing like writing things down. I’ve seen so many beautiful planners and I can’t wait to purchase a new one.

  • Kayvona B.

    #4 is so cute!! I’ve tried using a planner but I always find myself just putting it down in my phone. I really need to work on using my planner more and getting more organized!

  • Emerald112

    Me neither, there really are so many beautiful ones that it makes it hard to choose only one! Thanks for stopping by @BeFreeProject:disqus !!

  • Emerald112

    Girl me too! I really feel like it will take some of the stress out of blogging and everyday life in general. Thanks for coming by! x! @kayvona_b:disqus

  • I love a good planner! These days I have TWO – one for personal and blog stuff and another for professional/business items. I have 2015 Planner by ABeautifulMess.com. I enjoy the fun colors and the extras (stickers and a pocket in the back).

    I have looked at purchasing the Kate Spade planner – one of these days!

  • I love a good planner, I’ve been into them since I was in High School. Even in 2015 I’m old school and still love a good planner. I love #4 I’m all about all things hot pink.

  • Emerald112

    Thanks for sharing the link Ramona, I’ll definitely check out the link and see what they’ve got. I’m going to put everything in one (business + personal) since I’m just starting out. Thank you for coming by! xx! @disqus_56qRPGb8x9:disqus

  • Emerald112

    I prefer to write things down too, but only because it helps me remember better. A lot of people seem to like #4, that pink is cah-utttte!!!! @mimigreen:disqus

  • Christine St.Vil

    These are all super cute! I’m definitely a planner and have to have things written down the old-fashioned way in addition to using technology. I currently use two, one is a personal/business planner that my sister and I created as an extension of our book (hope you’ll check it out: whoseshoesbook.com/products) and one is strictly a blog planner. Although I’ve been blogging for 3 years, I’m only just now starting to plan my blog content out.

  • Lily Pulitzer got my heart! She will be in Target soon so hopefully I can snag a planner in the stores soon. I am actually starting to love planners so this is a great list!

  • Emerald

    Christine! Thank you so much for coming by! I will make sure to check out your blog planner and book! They look amazing, I just love the colors. @christinestvil:disqus

  • Emerald

    Thanks Kiwi! I I remember when there was a big fuss over her being carried in Target, but I’m glad she is! Cool pink flamingos for all!! LOL!! @KiwiTheBeauty:disqus

  • Joyce Brewer

    I love planners. I need one that can help separate my blogging tasks from the tasks I do for other clients.

  • I really need a good planner and all of these are so cute!

  • I love bright and colorful planners!

  • Emerald

    Hi Joyce! Yes, there are so many cute choices so finding another one shouldn’t be hard. Thank you so much for coming by! xx! @joycebrewer:disqus

  • Emerald

    Thanks for coming by Janet, I’m glad you like these picks! x! @janetgoingcrazy:disqus

  • Emerald

    Yes, it makes writing things down in them seem more glamorous! Thanks for coming by Thein! @thienkim:disqus

  • These are all adorable! I am a calendar freak and still use paper (even in this electronic age)! As the person in my house that schedules everything and everyone, my only tip is to keep one calendar for everything and give everyone their own color.

  • My fave is #5! I like that one because it doesn’t look like your normal planner. I am a planner. It helps me stay organized when I write things down. For the past two years, I’ve bought planners and I stopped using them a few months into the year. This year I didn’t buy one and I just felt like I couldn’t keep my head on straight. My plan is to plan out activities I need to do each day, so i won’t feel overwhelmed by holding my to do list in my head. I just bought a planner this past weekend, so lets see how long I’ll use it.

  • it’s a toss-up between #2 and #4. i like clean designs, but i also love color!

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