4 Tried & True Beauty Products That I Love

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on March 13, 2017
I’ve logged in some hours watching youtube makeup tutorials and I’m still not nearly as good as the ladies I watch. It’s amazing to see someone transform right in front of your eyes. I haven’t perfected contouring or highlighting but I like to believe I do a decent job. When it comes to eyeshadows, I usually stay in browns and golds because it looks good with my eye color. I’m always on the lookout for products that actually perform. Today I’m sharing the 4 beauty products/tips that really work. Without further ado, let’s get into it!
Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
I know Mary Kay has been around a long time and it’s for good reason. I’ve tried many of the pricier mascaras from Marc Jacobs to Clinique and I always end up coming back to Mary Kay’s Ultimate Mascara. I don’t have long or dark eyelashes and this lengthens the little bit I do have and makes them noticeable. I’ve been buying this mascara for over 8 years and it’s a solid product that is well priced and lengthens lashes.
Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette
Chris recently bought me this palette for Valentine’s Day (per my request) and I love it. There are so many neutral and beautiful colors in this palette. The pigment is very rich and I can tell a stark difference between any of my other eyeshadows and this one. The quality is hands and feet above the rest. These gorgeous colors are worth the coins.
Eyebrow Pencil
For those of us not born with lush eyebrows, a good brow pencil is worth it’s weight in gold. Although I don’t believe it really matters which kind you buy as long as it matches your normal eyebrow hair and you’re not too heavy handed.
Olive Oil/Avacado Oil for Oil Cleansing
I don’t wash my face with a foaming cleanser unless I’m having some type of breakout. (which isn’t often) I wash my face with oil and it has done wonders for my skin. Many days I don’t wear foundation at all and just let my freckles shine on through. If you take care of your skin and get some sleep at night, you’re on the road to great skin.
I took a selfie yesterday using the products I mentioned here!
So what are your favorite beauty products that you’ve continued to buy over the years? I’d love to hear your tried and true favorites!

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