Permission To Succeed & Fail: Excellence vs Perfectionism


As a person who at times has suffered at the hands of debilitating perfectionism, I feel that this is a subject that I must address. I’m not perfect in any facet of my life, but I have found myself not even attempting a task if I didn’t feel that I would succeed with flying colors. I like to win (like most folks) but at times it can turn into something that is not productive.

Excellence, the optimistic relative of perfectionism is characterized as drive, being thorough, and having an eye for consistency and detail. (in my opinion) Unlike perfectionism, excellence is healthy, and has a high self-esteem that catapults it out of the weeds of mediocrity into the stratosphere of brilliance. Many perfectionist suffer from procrastination because they have overanalyzed a project until no clarity remains. Being “perfect” is not something that’s achievable, but we do all have areas that we excel in. This post is to serve as a reminder that it’s ok to try even when victory is not promised or even likely. Release yourself to explore and expand your world. Give yourself permission to Succeed and to Fail.

Perfectionism says “I can’t fail, so I’m not going to bother to try.” Excellence does its research, is thorough, logical, and optimistic. Excellence is knowing that you cannot be defined by a series of victories or losses. Excellence takes constructive feedback and adjust its sails as necessary. My prayer is that 2014 is your year to experience an overflow of hope, love, and excellence.